forced mixer lobes in ejector designs
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forced mixer lobes in ejector designs

Parametric Effects on Internal Aerodynamics of Lobed Mixer

The internal flow characteristics inside lobed mixer-ejector with curved mixing duct and the parametric effects on the lobed mixer-ejector performance are investigated numerically and validated by experimental test. The curved mixing duct affects the development of the streamwise vortices induced by the lobed mixer.

Full text of "Computational analysis of the flowfield of a

Full text of "Computational analysis of the flowfield of a two-dimensional ejector nozzle" See other formats NASA Contractor Report 185255 AIAA-90-1901 Computational Analysis of the Flowfield of a Two-Dimensional Ejector Nozzle Y.H. Choi and W.Y. Soh Sverdrup Technology, Inc. Lewis Research Center Group Brook Park, Ohio June 1990 Prepared for Lewis Research Center Under Contracts NAS3 …

Experimental Measurement of the Vortex Development

An experiment was set up to investigate the mixing processes downstream of a mixer. Air flow was independently supplied to each side of the forced mixer by separate centrifugal blowers. Pressures were measured at the entrance to the lobes with a pitot-static probe to document the characteristics of the approaching boundary layer.

QTA Gulfstream Stage 3 Hush Kits – Quiet Technologies Aerospace

The QTA Hush Kit retains the original Gulfstream TM acoustically treated tailpipe, the original 5 lobe mixer nozzle is removed and replaced with a 12 lobe “fluted” mixer nozzle. The 12 lobe nozzle works with the ejector in promoting the mixing of the ambient air stream with the jet exhaust.

Gas Ejector

Ejector troubleshooting_brochure . Air Ejector . Air Ejector. ejector functions . Understanding Ejector . Ejector Troubleshooting ...

Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Jets with Internal

The results for one confluent mixer and three forced mixer geometries are presented in this paper. The confluent mixer geometry, shown in Figure 1, is an axisymmetric splitter plate which separates the bypass and core flows. All three forced mixers, which are essentially convoluted splitter plates, have 12 lobes and are of similar designs.

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Wafer Type Static Mixer

The very compact Wafer Type Static Mixer has a slim profile which allows for simple drop-in installation in pipelines from 2″ to 120″. Alternate vortex shedding creates rapid mixing within a limited space. Pressure drop is minimal.

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Mixer-Ejector Noise-Suppressor Model

May 23, 2012 · Mixer-Ejector Noise-Suppressor Model. David E. Tew , ... Forced mixer lobes in ejector designs. W. PRESZ, JR. and ...

Performance Simulation of an ideal mixer-ejector turbofan

The mixer-ejector engine consists of a low-bypass ratio mixed flow turbofan coupled to an exhaust mixer ejector configuration (ejector doors and forced mixer) followed by a condi-nozzle (Fig. 1). NLR’s Flight Physics Department (AVFP, Laban) did exploratory CFD design calculations with an Euler code to capture the main flow physics of the ...

Visualization of Flows behind the Lobed Forced Mixers Using

Flow visualization studies have been conducted using the smoke-wire technique to examine the flows behind lobed forced mixers of different trailing edge configurations (namely a square wave, semi-circular wave and a triangular wave) at a velocity ratio 1:1 across the lobe.

Stereoscopic PIV measurement of a lobed jet mixing flow

Abstract. In a continuing effort to study the mixing enhancement by large scale streamwise vortices generated by a lobed nozzle, a high-resolution stereoscopic PIV system was used in the present study to conduct three-dimensional measurements of air jet flows exhausted from a lobed nozzle and a conventional circular nozzle.

Numerical Simulation of Lobed Exhaust Ejector

Exhaust ejectors are good ventilations and cooling equipments. By the method of numerical simulation, researches on cylindrical exhaust ejector, lobed exhaust ejector and lobed exhaust ejector with twisted blades are conducted in this paper to study the effects of different ejector structures on flow field uniformity.

Automotive exhaust noise attenuator

1988/12/27 · Automotive exhaust noise attenuator United States Patent 5058703 Abstract: To reduce noise, an automotive exhaust tailpipe has a convoluted surface at or near its outlet to generate pairs of counterrotating axial vortices within ...

Manual for the Design of Pipe Systems and Pumps

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FGD Forced Oxidation Mechanism: A Pilot Plant Case Study

FGD Forced Oxidation Mechanism A Pilot Plant Case Study Philip W. Disney, PE and Larry Vinson ¹Synthetic Materials, 101 E. 2nd Street, Owensboro, KY 42303, ²Western Kentucky

Experimental studies on supersonic mixer-ejector using

Experimental studies on supersonic mixer-ejector using radially lobed nozzles ... Gousy R; Morin BL (1986) Forced mixer lobes in ejector designs. AIAA Paper 86-1614. ...

RANS-Based Noise Predictions of Jets with Internal Forced Mixers

In the current study three 12-lobe mixers and two 20-lobe mixers are evaluated. A typical internal lobed mixer configuration is shown in Figure 1. The geometries of all five forced mixers evaluated in this study are shown in Figure 2. The 12-lobe mixers all have similar designs, with the primary difference being the lobe penetration height

Forced Mixer Lobes In Ejector Designs

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Multi-Stage Mixer/Ejector Systems

Forced mixer lobes generate large scale axial vorticity which results in rapid mixing and improved diffuser performance. Ejector testing was conducted using both an ejector wind tunnel.

Experimental investigation of three-dimensional forced

2012/08/17 · Forced mixer lobes in ejector designs Walter M. Presz Jr. , Bruce L. Morin and Robert G. Gousy Journal of Propulsion and Power Vol. 4, No. 4 July 1988 1st National Fluid Dynamics Conference 25 July 1988 - 28 July 1988 ...

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Institut f. Luft- u. Raumfahrt

[6] W. Presz et al.: Forced Mixer Lobes in Ejector Designs. Journal of Propulsion, 4, pp 350-355, August 1988. [7] W. Presz et al.: Thrust Augmentation with Mixer/ Ejector Systems. Paper AIAA 2002-0230, 40th AIAA Aerospace

Effects of sheltering and outlet shaping on surface

College of Energy and Power Engineering, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing 210016, China; Received:2019-09-16 Revised:2019-09-30 Online:2020-02-15 Published:2019-11-07

Some flow characteristics of lobed forced mixers at higher

The flow characteristics of two types of lobed forced mixers, the unscalloped and the scalloped mixers, have been examined at velocity ratios higher than unity, in relation to the variation of mass...

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